When will The Cloakroom send me a box?

You will receive a Cloakroom Box when you place an order via your account online or via the app. Delivery usually takes 7-10 working days.

In addition, we offer you a particularly simple and pleasant service: The Cloakroom Boxplan. You decide yourself whether you want to receive the boxes every 2, 3 or 4 months and we'll take care of the rest. Of course, you can always reschedule these boxes, pause your boxplan or deactivate it completely.

Additional possibilities to order a Cloakroom Box:
In each Cloakroom Box that we send to you, you will find a feedback form, on which you can choose when you would like to receive your next box. As soon as we receive this feedback form, our personal shoppers will take care of processing your box on the desired date.

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