What do clothes from The Cloakroom cost? Are there any discounts?

The Cloakroom offers clothes at the same prices you'll find in the department stores and fashion boutiques where you typically shop. There's no additional charge for consultation or delivery. The Cloakroom does not, however, offer clearance items. Because we aim to provide top-quality fashion to our customers, we sell articles beginning at the following prices:

Netherlands & Belgium

Shirts from €40, T-shirts from €20, Sweaters from €50, Pants from €50, Blazers and Jackets from €90, Accessories from €20.


Shirts from 370 kr, T-shirts from 185 kr, Sweaters from 460 kr, Pants from 460 kr, Blazers and Jackets from 830 kr, Accessories from 185 kr.


Shirts from 300 kr., T-shirts from 150 kr., Sweaters from 370 kr., Pants from 370 kr., Blazers and Jackets from 670 kr., Accessories from 150 kr.

You can choose your preferred price category when signing up. Learn more about our prices on our website.

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